2023 Digital Accessibility Index

We scanned almost 40,000 enterprise websites to measure the accessibility of the world’s largest brands. Then we worked with members of the disability community to test key pages on the top sites in industries like retail, finance, and travel.

Here are the biggest roadblocks for people with disabilities.

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  • 56%

    of images are not accessible to people with visual impairments, which can prevent them from being able to understand or benefit from any information conveyed by the image.

  • 64%

    of pages have links that are not clear to people with some visual and cognitive impairments, which can make it difficult for them to navigate between pages or find the information they need.

  • 25%

    of forms are missing clear labels, which can make it difficult for people with disabilities to know what to enter into each field — impacting key tasks like checkout or account creation.

Digital accessibility can be a bumpy road.

Whether we’re shopping online or reading the news, we all count on websites that just work.

Unfortunately, digital experiences are often broken for the 1.3 billion people globally who live with a disability. Even when brands try to build inclusive websites and mobile apps, accessibility issues can slip through the cracks — making it difficult for disabled users to accomplish key tasks online.

Keep reading to learn the most common accessibility issues uncovered by the Digital Accessibility Index — including what our expert testers found after manually auditing the top sites in key industries.

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    Key Insights

    Discover the biggest trends in digital accessibility — and how these issues affect people with disabilities.

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    Industry Reports

    Dive into key accessibility issues by industry, based on our expert audit of the top sites in each vertical.

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    Learn how we created the Index — plus the most common accessibility issues across all industries.

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Learn what expert audits of the top 3-5 companies in each industry revealed about the user experience for people with disabilities.

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Keep reading to learn how we developed this Index, the most common barriers by industry, and how each one impacts people with disabilities.

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