Offering Descriptions

Last Modified: February 8, 2024

For Enterprise Orders dated before February 8, 2024, that link to this webpage, please find applicable Offering Descriptions here:

The following descriptions highlight some of the important features of AudioEye’s Offerings, contain additional terms, and are subject to AudioEye’s Terms of Service (or other written agreement a customer may have with AudioEye).

Technology Products

    • Automation & Platform*: Includes Automated Monitoring and Automated Fixes. The AudioEye platform shares results of the automation scans and fixes. 
      • Automated Monitoring: AudioEye's website monitoring system scans for potential WCAG issues every time a visitor loads a page.
      • Automated Fixes: AudioEye’s Automated Fix technology automatically remediates many WCAG issues detected by automated monitoring.

    • Developer Tools: AudioEye’s Accessibility Testing SDK (software development kit) helps your web developers test their code and components for accessibility issues in pre-production environments. 

* Includes Online Help Desk & Online Learning Center

Services Products*

    • Expert Audit: AudioEye’s team of certified accessibility experts and assistive technology users audit the Subscription Webpages to identify potential WCAG issues that cannot be identified by automated monitoring.
    • Remediations: AudioEye creates manual remediations or custom fixes for accessibility issues identified in both Automated Monitoring and Expert Audits and, once these fixes have been applied, delivers them to websites through our proprietary technology or otherwise reports them as issues to be remediated at the source code level.
      • Advanced Legal Support: If you receive a third party demand letter or lawsuit alleging WCAG issues on the Subscription Webpages in a desktop environment, AudioEye will evaluate the Authorized Domain using assistive technology to confirm or debunk alleged WCAG issues and will implement manual remediations to remediate any validated issues through its Automated Fix technology, if possible, or provide source feedback/guidance to you to remediate at source. AudioEye will also deliver a Technical Report that details the remediated issues and/or discuss findings over a call.

    • AudioEye Assurance Guarantee: AudioEye’s Offerings are designed to help you comply with website standards published by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Subject to the terms of an applicable Order, AudioEye provides you with limited, guaranteed financial protection against WCAG-related demand letters and/or lawsuits.

* Includes Online Help Desk

Customer Support

    • Online Help Desk: Through AudioEye’s Usability Toolbar, your website visitors can report accessibility issues to AudioEye’s Help Desk, which are validated, remediated (if possible), and reported to you, as applicable, if valid.
    • Online Learning Center: On-demand access to AudioEye’s library of educational material.

Additional Support

    • Consulting: AudioEye provides on-demand consulting services (delivered in 15-minute increments) during normal business hours.

Add-On Services

    • VPAT: AudioEye provides a detailed Voluntary Product Template, or VPAT report, summarizing how the website addresses the technical requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.
    • Static or Dynamic PDF Remediation: AudioEye remediates static or fillable form PDF documents according to WCAG guidelines.
      • You agree to provide all PDFs subject to the applicable Order within six months following the Effective Date as set forth in the Order. If You fail to deliver any PDFs within such time period, AudioEye will have no further obligations to You under the applicable Order with respect to the Offering.

    • Mobile iOS/Android Audit: AudioEye evaluates your mobile application using assistive technology to identify potential WCAG violations and report the results of the evaluation.
      • You agree to provide access to the applications subject to the applicable Order within six months following the Effective Date as set forth in the Order. If you fail to deliver any applications, AudioEye will have no further obligations to you under the applicable Order with respect to the Offering.