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Earn more than revenue as you help your clients on their journey to equal accessibility for all.

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Manage all your clients in one dashboard

Five client websites stacked to represent being able to manage multiple websites at one time.

Manage all your clients in one dashboard

Manage all your client websites directly within the AudioEye Partner Portal, including account creation, upgrades, and account settings.

Detailed, shareable reporting

Screenshot of the AudioEye Issue Reporting Dashboard with a call-out about text on a web page not having sufficient contrast

Detailed, shareable reporting

For each client, see which issues have been fixed automatically and which require additional attention. Keep your clients updated by sending reports directly from the Partner Portal.

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Legal support resources

Examples from AudioEye's legal response documentation

Legal support resources

Access legal support resources like Accessibility Statements, AudioEye Trusted Certification Statements, and Sustainable Test And Remediation (STAR) reports for each client within the AudioEye Partner Portal.

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    We offer flexible partnership models that include financial incentives for resellers, referrals, and custom options.

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    Our Dedicated Partner Managers are available to assist Partners and Clients throughout the entire accessibility journey.

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    Be a reliable resource and cultivate long-term accessibility solutions that provide peace of mind for you and your clients.

How to Partner with AudioEye

AudioEye supports partners of all sizes and industries to provide long-term accessibility solutions for their clients. We empower our partners to cultivate a culture of digital accessibility and meet critical business requirements, as well as create opportunities for financial benefits.

Reseller Partners

  • ​​Resell AudioEye to your clients
  • Resale product discounts
  • Wholesale pricing options
  • Self-service and custom training
  • Dedicated partner manager

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Referral Partners

  • Refer your clients to AudioEye
  • Earn commission for each referral
  • AudioEye manages sales cycle
  • Self-service and custom training
  • Dedicated partner manager

Integration Partners

  • Direct integration with your platform
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • APIs for content management systems
  • Broaden your integration marketplace


How Kasasa Captured a 15% Revenue Increase

Kasasa is a wholesale financial technology and marketing services company that sells branded, community-powered products designed to drive profit and growth for community financial institutions. Learn how Kasasa captured an additional 15% in incremental revenue by leveraging AudioEye’s accessibility solution.

Read The Kasasa Case Study

A black man holding a credit card with his right hand and typing on a laptop with his left hand.

”One of the reasons why we chose the AudioEye solution was because there are a lot of tools in the market that are simply overlays. UserWay, accessiBe, and others come to mind. And they're easy to implement and cheap to implement, but they are not the true solution.”

— Greg Evans, CRO of Simpleview

Web accessibility made fast and simple.

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