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AudioEye Eradicates Barriers to Digital Accessibility with Launch of Machine Learning-Powered AudioEye Digital Marketplace and Team AudioEye

Posted November 06, 2019


Posted November 06, 2019

  • Free Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) reporting and remediation tools with secure and simple integration.
  • New patented solutions AudioEye Free and AudioEye Pro join market-leading AudioEye Managed (formerly Ally Managed Service) offering a suite of digital accessibility solutions for all price points.
  • Team AudioEye is a program that provides digital professionals with resources and support to create accessible experiences for the web.

TUSCON, AZ, November 6, 2019 — As companies strive to embrace digital accessibility, AudioEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: AEYE), the leader in digital accessibility, today unveiled AudioEye Digital Marketplace, enabling companies of all sizes to accelerate accessibility easily and affordably. The machine learning powered platform helps companies achieve digital inclusion standards and meet legal requirements.

The company today introduced AudioEye Free and AudioEye Pro, which join market-leading AudioEye Managed in the AudioEye Digital Marketplace, a new suite of digital accessibility commerce and machine-learning solutions for all price points. 

AudioEye is powered by patented dynamic remediation technology that streamlines the digital accessibility process by evaluating, analyzing and repairing massive amounts of digital content. AudioEye’s real-time monitoring systems run over 360 core accessibility tests, against more than 1,500,000 unique pages each week. That system has catalogued well over a trillion individual issues of accessibility, and it tracks the delivery of nearly 40 million individual remediations. AudioEye automatically evaluates and dynamically adjusts website content to be accessible.

  • AudioEye Free goes beyond surface-level testing, prevalent in the product category today. The “Plug and Play” product enables website managers to use a simple browser-agnostic tool to immediately identify, evaluate, and remediate WCAG violations. Website managers are able to make smart accessibility fixes to every page visually on their website and publish those changes without having to edit the source code, saving substantial time and resources.
  • AudioEye Pro expands on AudioEye Free with automated accessibility remediations, our AudioEye Toolbar, continuous monitoring and an accessibility statement for modern Content Management Systems including WordPress,, Weebly, Shopify, Drupal, Squarespace, and more with machine learning built from years of experience. Designed for small and medium businesses, AudioEye Pro provides access to a 24/7 Help Desk that offers continuous accessibility support for designers and developers. Reported issues are directed to subject matter experts who are empowered to take action and address issues that are impacting real users. Starting at $12.99 per month, AudioEye Pro removes any cost barrier for companies who wish to make their website digitally accessible.
  • AudioEye Managed (formerly known as Ally Managed Service) offers a fully managed solution that provides a comprehensive speed-to-compliance service, expert testing services with a sustainable testing and remediation plan with an Accessibility Warranty. AudioEye Managed is trusted by an unrivaled collection of some of the largest and most influential organizations, agencies, and enterprises in the world, including Samsung, ADP, the Federal Communications Commission, and Uber.

“Digital accessibility is a business imperative and one that enables companies to expand their customer base while adhering to legal compliance requirements and doing the right thing,” said Sean Bradley, Co-Founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer, AudioEye. “Accessibility no longer has to be challenging. AudioEye’s patented self-service or managed solutions help small companies to multinational enterprises by providing the technology and supporting professional services to enable their digital accessibility journey.”

According to Forrester Research, there is a significant business opportunity considering that individuals with disabilities worldwide have more than $1.2 trillion in disposable income. More than a million new websites are active daily, representing commerce, jobs, and key parts of everyday life, and yet, despite the ever-growing digital world, digital accessibility on the web is not improving. Many current and new websites are not WCAGcompliant and exclude individuals using assistive technology. AudioEye’s mission is to eradicate these access barriers, bringing thousands of new sites into compliance and, through a perpetual combination of technological and human-based oversight from AudioEye, supporting them into the future as the standards and regulations continue to evolve.

“Achieving digital accessibility for all is the right thing to do and an integral part of our digital inclusion strategy,” said Greg Evans, Vice President at Simpleview, the company that powers hundreds of Destination Marketing Organizations worldwide. “AudioEye’s new marketplace offerings stands to benefit an even greater number of destination marketing organizations and their stakeholders – hotels, restaurants and attractions – in their effort to make their digital content more accessible to all users, including people with disabilities.”

Team AudioEye, Advocacy Program for Developers, Designers, and Agencies

The company also launched Team AudioEye, a new advocacy program for digital professionals to accelerate digital accessibility by helping developers and web designers create accessible experiences for the web and helping further digital accessibility awareness.

Team AudioEye is an open community of digital accessibility implementers and advocates who are dedicated to the eradication of barriers to digital access. Team AudioEye members who reach Champion status demonstrate a deep commitment to digital accessibility and have successfully integrated the AudioEye solution across 10 websites or more.

Exclusive perks:

  • Discounts for AudioEye Pro and AudioEye Managed for clients
  • Referral compensation for Team AudioEye members and the companies they sign up for AudioEye services
  • Intuitive dashboard to monitor progress toward becoming a Champion
  • AudioEye accessibility tutorials and remediation resources
  • Team AudioEye Logo to proudly display
  • Global recognition listed among the Team AudioEye membership displayed on AudioEcom, with special recognition for Champions
  • Opportunities to participate in local, regional and national media stories educating about digital accessibility
  • Opportunity to be a featured speaker at AudioEye digital accessibility meetups
  • Access to beta test new digital accessibility solutions

According to a recent partner survey, “74% of digital agency clients have asked about web accessibility in the last year, replying that general accessibility compliance with ADA, Section 508, EU Accessibility Directive or other Legal requirements prompted the inquiry.”

 About AudioEye, Inc.

AudioEye is an industry-leading software solution delivering immediate ADA and WCAG accessibility compliance at scale. Through patented technology, subject matter expertise and proprietary processes, AudioEye is eradicating all barriers to digital accessibility, helping creators get accessible and supporting them with ongoing advisory and automated upkeep.

Trusted by the FCC, ADP, SSA, Uber, and more, AudioEye helps everyone identify and resolve issues of accessibility and enhance user experiences, automating digital accessibility for the widest audiences. AudioEye stands out among its competitors because it delivers Machine Learning/AI-driven accessibility without fundamental changes to site architecture.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is digital accessibility?

Digital accessibility means the ease of navigation of any online site, electronic printed matter or application to multiple users, including those with various disabilities such as cognitive, learning, motor, hearing and visual.

Why is it important?

Accessibility means inclusiveness of every individual and incorporating the needs of all people, providing an unimpeded, equal, and enhanced user experience for the entire population.

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