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AudioEye Releases Issue Reporting which Brings Unprecedented Level of Transparency and Insights into Web Accessibility

Posted November 10, 2021


Posted November 10, 2021

Issue Reporting enables companies to continuously monitor problems and resolve them quickly

TUCSON, Ariz. — November 10, 2021 — AudioEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: AEYE), the industry-leading digital accessibility platform, today unveiled Issue Reporting to help companies continuously detect, track, and monitor accessibility issues on their websites. The new feature provides a centralized dashboard view and real-time status updates, making it easy for businesses to keep their sites accessible to visitors with disabilities and comply with WCAG accessibility guidelines. 

"AudioEye is the market leader with the highest level of automation and transparency while also being affordable. Today, we are excited to announce significant advancements to our next-generation platform with the release of Issue Reporting. Customers can now quickly sort accessibility issues by type and severity to assess which have been fixed automatically and which require additional attention. Because AudioEye is now including Issue Reporting with all paid subscriptions, these advancements allow us to offer accessibility for a fraction of the price of traditional approaches. I want to thank our product and engineering teams for delivering this world-class product," said Interim CEO David Moradi.  

"AudioEye has been our key partner in helping local governments engage with their constituents through accessible and inclusive digital experiences," said Don Torrez, Partner Manager at CivicPlus, a web design and integrated technology platform for local governments with over four thousand clients serving 250 million people. "We are excited about Issue Reporting because it'll allow us to identify and solve the most critical accessibility issues faster than ever, take a more proactive and efficient approach, and report on our work in greater detail. We look forward to making the most out of Issue Reporting and continuing our partnership with AudioEye."

AudioEye Issue Reporting has a user-friendly interface and custom views. Even non-technical users can easily understand accessibility issues on their websites, drill into details, and resolve issues quickly and without disruptions. With AudioEye, users can find the following information at their fingertips:

Issue Description 
A full description, including its impact on end-users, severity, and frequency.  

Pages Affected
A list of pages where issues were found.  

User Groups Affected
Insights on which specific accessibility issue most impacts abilities (visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive).

The WCAG compliance category that any given issue falls under, with a link to the WCAG documentation for that category.

The issue's impact on end-users, the severity of the issue, and what that severity means.

Issue Resolution
A full report on issues that have been fixed entirely, partially, or require a custom/source fix. 

Instructions on Fixing at Source
Details on how to repair the most commonly found issues in the source code.

In addition to a self-service dashboard, AudioEye provides comprehensive web accessibility services and support tailored to specific customer needs. 

"Websites are constantly changing, and it's a huge challenge to keep them accessible as they get updated with new content. With Issue Reporting, marketing and developer teams have full visibility into which issues have been fixed automatically, what still needs fixing, and how to resolve barriers to accessibility on an ongoing basis," said AudioEye Chief Product Officer Zach Okun. "This level of visibility and transparency allows website owners to make data-driven decisions and measure the ROI of their web accessibility efforts."

Customers with active or in-trial subscriptions with AudioEye can access Issue Reporting by logging into the customer portal and clicking on the reports menu option. Based on the most recent data scan, the report listing shows all issues found on the customer's scanned pages. Issue Reporting is included in paid plans at no extra charge.

About AudioEye
AudioEye is an industry-leading digital accessibility platform delivering ADA and WCAG compliance at scale. By combining easy-to-use technology and subject matter expertise, AudioEye helps companies and content creators solve every aspect of web accessibility — from finding and resolving issues to navigating legal compliance, to ongoing monitoring and upkeep. Trusted by the FCC, ADP, SSA, Samsung, and others, AudioEye delivers automated remediations and continuous monitoring for accessibility issues without making fundamental changes to website architecture, source code, or browser-based tools. Join us on our mission to eradicate barriers to digital access, visit

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