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Celebrating AudioEye A11iance’s First Anniversary & Impact

Posted October 13, 2022


Posted October 13, 2022

TUCSON, Ariz., October 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, AudioEye (NASDAQ: AEYE), an industry-leading SaaS accessibility platform delivering website accessibility compliance to businesses of all sizes, celebrates the first anniversary of the AudioEye A11iance. The A11iance is a community-based initiative that brings people with disabilities to the forefront of product development and advocacy to remove all barriers to digital access.  


AudioEye A11iance offers individuals with disabilities various employment and engagement opportunities, including testing, quality assurance, training, and education. In the A11iance’s inaugural year, 76 members tested more than 900 AudioEye customer websites, providing critical feedback and helping solve accessibility errors detected by the AudioEye platform. 


“The A11iance team has been an incredible opportunity for me to leverage my lived experience as an assistive technology user and to grow my knowledge of digital accessibility,” says Charles Hiser, A11iance Member & QA Tester, Digital Accessibility & AT Specialist. “Over the past year, I have tested over 170 sites, reported more than 1,300 bugs, and gained a comprehensive understanding of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. I am so grateful to AudioEye, and my A11iance team colleagues, for being a part of this chapter of my professional journey.”


To provide customers with more learning opportunities and continue to raise awareness of the role of technology in closing the digital accessibility gap, AudioEye hired Itto Outtini as Accessibility Outreach Manager and Mariella Paulino-Peralta as Advocacy and Social Media Manager. Ms. Outtini and Ms. Paulino-Peralta bring years of personal and professional experience as accessibility and inclusion advocates.  


“In order to create a truly level playing field where those of us with disabilities can participate as equals in remote work, online culture, public discourse, and more, we must begin to take digital accessibility seriously,” says Itto Outtini, AudioEye Accessibility Outreach Manager and Founder & Representative of Fulbrighters with Disabilities. “Currently, most organizations striving for accessibility compliance do so for fear of litigation. I want this to change. I joined AudioEye to speak to the value of digital accessibility for the larger society. I believe in the power of knowledge, technology, and human connection, and I look forward to making more difference.”


Learn more about AudioEye A11iance and how to join the community at For more information on AudioEye User Testing, please visit

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AudioEye is an industry-leading digital accessibility platform delivering ADA and WCAG compliance at scale. By combining easy-to-use technology and subject matter expertise, AudioEye helps companies and content creators solve every aspect of web accessibility—from finding and resolving issues to navigating legal compliance, to ongoing monitoring and upkeep. Trusted by the FCC, ADP, Samsung, Tommy Hilfiger, and others, AudioEye delivers automated remediations and continuous monitoring for accessibility issues without making fundamental changes to website architecture, source code, or browser-based tools. Join us at AudioEye on our mission to eradicate barriers to digital access.

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