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Technology built by the pioneers of digital accessibility

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Technology built by the pioneers of digital accessibility

Years ago, we built the first digital accessibility platform that enabled automated fixes. That innovation continues today with a comprehensive suite of tools that includes real-time accessibility fixes for every user, detailed reporting and analytics, powerful developer tools, and seamless integrations with project management tools.

Our robust services

Our automated accessibility platform continuously monitors your website for new accessibility issues with each visitor. As your site content changes, our technology will continue to find and fix issues automatically.

Why it matters

Get started on the path to compliance

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Why it matters

Get started on the path to compliance

Accessibility issues don’t just impact your users; they can also expose your organization to the risk of legal action. Our Active Monitoring and Automated Fixes help you catch common accessibility issues before they can impact your users — moving you closer to ADA compliance.

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“We looked at a number of other accessibility providers, but chose AudioEye for three main reasons — ability to both identify and solve accessibility issues, one-click integration, and transparency.”

Russ Jeffery

Director of Ecosystem and Product Strategy at Duda

Part of a complete approach to accessibility

Our Active Monitoring and Automated Fixes can find and fix many common accessibility issues, but some of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) cannot be reliably tested with automation alone. That’s why we offer expert human testing to help fill those gaps, providing you with a comprehensive view of your website’s accessibility.



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