Digital Accessibility Platform

Flexible, enterprise-grade SaaS platform that can be tailored to your business needs at every stage of accessibility, with experts to guide you along the way.

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AI Automation + Certified experts

Expert-led evaluation

Understand your state of accessibility maturity through a combination of AI-based automated testing and human-based expert assessment.

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Technology built by the pioneers of digital accessibility

Years ago, we developed the first digital accessibility platform that enabled automated fixes. That innovation continues today through our AI-based automation and software tools designed to support your organization at every stage of accessibility maturity.

Our Features

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Active Monitoring

The only real user monitoring technology in the industry that runs for every user, ensuring fixes in real time.

Meet your Accessibility Health Advisor

A virtual guide to help you understand and navigate digital accessibility, while tracking progress along the way.

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  • Made easy

    Understand and simplify the steps you need to take to get accessible.

  • System of record

    Keep track of your progress toward achieving and maintaining compliance.

  • Stay up to date

    Be alerted to new or changing compliance requirements.

Write once, run everywhere

Illustration of a coding window sending data to 3 separate tools below, the first tool scanning a page, the second uploading fixes to the cloud, and the third tool loading the fix data into a report

Write once, run everywhere

Integrate accessibility testing directly into your software development process and deploy changes efficiently, at scale.

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Compliance now and into the future

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Compliance now and into the future

When you choose AudioEye Assurance, you get a guarantee on our work with expert legal analyses, claims reviews, and real coverage toward legal settlement.

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Our comprehensive services

  • Expert Audit

    Get a complete picture of your organization’s accessibility needs, from certified experts and people with disabilities.

  • Managed Fixes

    Our team can build and manage custom fixes directly into the automation, saving your developers time and money.

  • Consulting Services

    Partner with design, development, and QA experts to improve the accessibility of your digital content.

  • Expert Legal Support

    Get legal analyses, guidance, and custom written responses from our legal experts as part of AudioEye Assurance.

  • Custom Training

    Learn about digital accessibility, best practices, design principles, and global accessibility laws directly from our experts.

  • 24/7 Live Phone Support

    Make sure your customers with disabilities can reach out directly to our support team for immediate help on accessibility issues.

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