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Reduce your risk of a digital accessibility lawsuit. AudioEye provides the highest level of legal protection, backed by the industry's only sustainable solution certifying ADA & Section 508 compliance against WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

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If You've Been Sued—We Can Help


If you have received a demand letter, coordinate with your legal counsel to understand your options


You can purchase and install AudioEye onto your website to start your path toward compliance


With AudioEye, you can utilize our Basic Legal Support to help defend your lawsuit

Customized Accessibility

With AudioEye Enterprise, you get certified and customized service with on-demand support and an Expert Accessibility Advisor for legal consultation.

Website ADA Compliance Made Easy. You've Been Sued. Now What? We are here to help. Our technology makes it possible and our people set us apart.

You've Been Sued. Now What?

Have you recently been sued by a plaintiff making claims that your business website has failed to uphold digital accessibility obligations under ADA Title 111 and/or the California Unruh Civil Rights Act? These types of lawsuits are expensive and time-consuming, but AudioEye is here to help you meet legal compliance and guide you through your legal response.

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