Webinar Q&A

AudioEye's Inaugural Digital Accessibility Index (DAI) Webinar: Where the World’s Leading Brands Fall Short on Digital Accessibility on October 3, 2023.

  • Q: What is the most important thing and future you see about Accessibility Europe Directive?

    A: We are working to ready for the European Accessibility Act (EAA) by June 2025. EAA uses the same key principles of WCAG: Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust. Inter-Governmental cooperation like EAA is required for global implementation of accessibility of products and services.

  • Q: Recently went through the Google UX Design program and found an entire chapter dedicated to building accessible design with some great guidelines. Could you highlight some important areas your testers have noticed on Google products to have been done well or can be done better?

    A: AudioEye did not test Google products for the Digital Accessibility Index, so we cannot comment on their accessibility.

  • Q: For Christina Campbell, what was the name of AI that helped you find the image descriptions?

    A: I was a beta tester for a project from OpenAI called Be My AI at the time which has now gone public. That’s the app I had used. I actually wrote a Facebook post, the other day talking about how I used Be My AI to fill out some medical paperwork as well. It has been a really awesome app. — Christina Campbell

  • Q: What think about NVDA and test in windows?

    A: NVDA is a great open source Windows screen reader and should be part of a good accessibility testing strategy. As Christina, TJ, and Wren mentioned, you should be screen reader testing on a variety of browsers and platforms including VoiceOver on MacOS. Don’t forget mobile testing Voiceover on iOS, and Talkback on Android.

  • Q: Hi I’m Samantha, from New Zealand, I am currently studying UX design and I’m so shocked with the results that you have presented today. I was wondering if you have taken your results to Universities or education platforms to let new UX designer’s like me get more familiar with these results, so we can change and make these results way better.

    A: We have yet to share these results that way, let’s talk about it, we love your passion, Samantha!