Mission statement

AudioEye's suite of digital accessibility products and services is designed to enable equal access, enhance the user experience for all, and provide sustainable, results-driven accessibility solutions for any business or organization with an online presence.

Founded as an R&D company in 2005, today AudioEye is the most trusted digital accessibility solution available. Our mission is to eradicate every barrier to digital access, because we believe equal access to digital content is the right of every individual and the responsibility of every entity.

The As of AudioEye

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We understand the current gap in accessibility compliance and build for the needs of all people, with a special emphasis on accessibility.

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We give our partners and their users the tools and resources needed to optimize their digital experience across a broad range of platforms.

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AudioEye believes automating accessibility leverages technology's best features to accelerate inclusion, inspire innovation and foster success.

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AudioEye celebrates fresh, pioneering thinking to unlock revolutionary solutions, encouraging our team to take risks, measure results and challenge the status quo.

Our story

For individuals with disabilities, the internet is anything but equal. The vast majority of websites are not created with accessibility and these individuals in mind. This failing defines the mission of AudioEye: to eradicate every barrier to digital access. We all expect equal access in the physical world and we should also expect the same in the digital world. AudioEye is revolutionizing access so everyone can enjoy the benefits of technology

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Executive Team

David Moradi

Interim CEO, Chief Strategy Officer

Sach Barot

Chief Financial Officer

William Gleeson

General Counsel

Board of Directors

Dr. Carr Bettis

Executive Chairman

David Moradi


Jamil Tahir

Independent Director

Tony Coelho

Independent Director

Marc Lehmann

Independent Director

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Tucson, Arizona 85711, US

85 Broad Street, Floor 16
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450 Franklin Gateway SE, Suite 120
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