Where does each industry fall short on accessibility?

Our automated scan tested 25 WCAG criteria at scale across entire sites. However, that still leaves complex accessibility barriers that automation alone cannot identify.

That’s where our expert human testers come into play. Although they can’t review hundreds of pages in real time, they can focus on critical use cases for each industry — like checkout flows for retailers or booking calendars for travel sites.

Traffic jam on a highway with billboards in the background featuring industries such as retail and financial services.

For the industries below, our team of certified accessibility experts (along with members of the disability community) reviewed 3-5 of the top brands in each space to build a more complete picture of their accessibility.

And while the number of errors uncovered in these audits is not as high as we find in automated scans, they often have a bigger impact on a person’s ability to accomplish key tasks or reach their digital destination.

Key insights by industry

Find out the most common accessibility barriers by industry. Plus, learn what expert audits of the top 3-5 companies in each industry revealed about the user experience for people with disabilities.

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