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The most comprehensive accessibility compliance platform on Duda, a leading web design platform for companies that offer web design services to small businesses.

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Accessibility on Duda

  • Compliance Plan

    Reduce your risk of costly, time-consuming lawsuits with AudioEye®’s compliance offering on Duda.

  • Competition

    Boost your SEO and stand out among your competitors with more accessible online content.

  • Consumers

    Broaden your consumer base to the 61 million US adults living with a disability.

AudioEye in the Duda App Store

AudioEye’s compliance offering is now available on Duda. AudioEye is the industry's only hybrid digital accessibility solution that couples the power of AI/machine learning with a team of certified digital accessibility experts.

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A preview of the AudioEye Visual Toolkit on a stylized website

AudioEye Visual Toolkit

Visitors can personalize your site with the Visual Toolkit, and submit accessibility errors with the Help Desk. Keyboard-friendly site and page elements menus provide additional support. All part of the AudioEye Visual Toolkit.

Stylized AudioEye dashboard with pie charts and a score of 98/100 with a legal scale icon and a shield with an accessibility symbol on top

Accessibility Statement

AudioEye includes an accessibility statement that can be embedded into a page on your site using Duda’s HTML widget. The accessibility statement informs users about your commitment to ensuring your website is accessibility friendly and wards off potential lawsuits.

Stylized website with an electrical plug and cord in the bottom with icons of plus signs and lightning bolts around it

How To Install

Installation of AudioEye is done with a single click in the App Store within your Duda Site Editor. Once the app is installed, you can also upgrade your AudioEye plan for even more support and protection.

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