How to Buy a Digital Accessibility Solution

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This paper presents the key stages that organizations of all sizes and types typically go through when tackling digital accessibility. Each stage will have different implications for you, and each decision you make will be influenced by factors specific to your organization. The stages we outline here can act as a best practice framework to help you navigate the route to compliance.

What's Included

  • The typical buyer journey for digital accessibility
  • An overview of the cost for compliance
  • A step-by-step guide to apply to your organization

The AudioEye Buyer's Guide to Digital Accessibility

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Global Perspective on Accessibility

White Paper cover for Global Perspectives on Website Accessibility

Global Perspective on Accessibility

The United States has seen an exponential rise in lawsuits relating to website accessibility—but what is the situation in other parts of the world? This white paper shares the digital accessibility standards that must be reached in various countries, and the incentives for companies with an international footprint to take a proactive approach to website accessibility.

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