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AudioEye extends free trial of Pro indefinitely

Posted May 22, 2020


Posted May 22, 2020

Illustration of man sitting at computer desk and woman standing next to him.
Illustration of man sitting at computer desk and woman standing next to him.

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AudioEye Pro is available for free for 90-days for all customers. Begin your path to digital accessibility with AudiEye Pro.

The first global pandemic of the digital era continues its stronghold.

Businesses of all sizes are struggling to stay in business, increasingly dependent on e-commerce buying while their physical locations remain restricted. Governments and municipalities desperate to share critical updates within their communities, lean heavily (if not entirely) on digital communication. Education has gone virtual. Doctor’s appointments are shifting to telemedicine.

None of us knows when the world will return to “normal,” or if this is the new normal.

What we do know is that approximately 26% of US adults have some form of a disability. We also know that 98% of the million most common webpages have accessibility access barriers for individuals with disabilities. That means one out of every four American adults potentially faces challenges interacting with 98% of the most common website pages!

The impact of inaccessible online content is significant.

Especially in a time when digital connectivity may be the only connection available.  

AudioEye is committed to bridging this gap. Our digital accessibility solution removes barriers for individuals with disabilities, ensuring everyone has equal access to online content. When AudioEye is active on a website, an individual who is blind will now be able to pay his utility bill without issue. An individual who has mobility restrictions can now easily schedule her doctor’s appointment. Accessing vital information is seamless. Socializing with distant friends and relatives doesn’t stop.

Our immediate response to the impact of COVID-19 was to offer AudioEye Pro free for 90-days (March through June 2020) assisting businesses over the hump of temporary closures.

The response was overwhelming. It is evident our solution is helping organizations through tough times, and we aren’t going to stop. We also fundamentally believe that every piece of digital content should be accessible regardless of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, we are extending the offer of AudioEye Pro for free indefinitely.

AudioEye Pro couples our patented technology with what we call our Builder Tool. That means our AI is hard at work finding your on-site accessibility errors, and you can use our Tool to fix them. Of course, if you want AudioEye’s expert team to manage your accessibility, we can do that too.

An accessible website widens your consumer base to include the 26% of the US population who has a disability, improves your organic searchability – your SEO, boosts your reputation as a brand that values inclusivity, and will help you continue the flow of your goods, services and communication during this critical time … and beyond.

Install AudioEye Pro today, or let us know how we can help with a custom accessibility solution that fits your needs. 


Ready to see AudioEye in action?

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