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Options to address web accessibility

The internet changed life as we know it. But imagine clicking, shopping, browsing…. with your eyes closed. Or without the use of your hands? What if rapid video movement prompted a seizure? Or your colorblindness prevented you from being able to discern critical information?

15% of the population has some form of disability that may prevent them from accessing online content. Quite simply, for this percentage of the population, the web is broken. At AudioEye, we believe every individual deserves equal access to digital information. That’s why we have created an always-on, sustainable web accessibility solution.

So how are we different? Watch for yourself…

Need a refresher on defining web accessibility? You’re not alone. Watch our quick “What is web accessibility” video.

Confused with terms like compliance, conformance, WCAG, Section 508? Let us help you make sense of what can be a complicated issue. Watch “Simplifying the complicated topic of web accessibility.

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