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Use our free Website Accessibility Scanner to check web pages for accessibility issues and WCAG conformance.

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Stay on top of your website’s accessibility.


Stay on top of your website’s accessibility.

AudioEye’s Website Accessibility Checker is powered by the same issue detection technology as our Active Monitoring — which helps us identify and remediate over 1.3 billion accessibility issues every day for our customers.

Use our accessibility scanner to quickly test any URL for accessibility issues, based on the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). And come back as often as you like to test page updates and ensure your content still provides equal access to people with disabilities.

What Are the Benefits of an Accessibility Scanner?

What Are the Benefits of an Accessibility Scanner?

Every website update — from new product photos to landing page forms — is a chance to accidentally introduce new accessibility issues.

Regular accessibility testing is the best way to catch these issues before they affect your customers or expose your business to the risk of legal action. And while our Automated Accessibility Platform provides real-time testing and remediation, you can also test any URL anytime with our free accessibility scanner.

How It Works

Your website’s accessibility, at a glance

The Website Accessibility Scanner is powered by AudioEye’s violation detection technology, which identifies and remediates over 1.3 billion accessibility violations every day for our customers.

Step 1: Enter your website URL

AudioEye’s violation detection technology will scan it for over 70 common accessibility violations.

How It Works

Find and fix more issues with AudioEye

AudioEye’s combination of AI-based automation and expert human testing can check all WCAG criteria, helping you get a comprehensive view of your site’s accessibility — and where you may not be compliant with laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

  • Powerful Automation

    Instantly fix thousands of accessibility issues so your users don’t miss a beat.

  • Expert Testing

    Uncover more issues with expert testing from certified accessibility experts.

  • Legal Support

    Our team of legal experts will help you analyze and respond to legal claims.

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