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Website Accessibility Standards

Understanding the Problem

Fact is,
the Web is Broken.

If website accessibility is something new to you, you’re not alone. So, let’s define the problem.

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For millions of individuals seeking equal access, simply put, the web is broken. And by millions, we mean tens of millions! In the United States, alone, it’s estimated that more than 40 million people – or 15% of the population – have some sort of visual, hearing, motor or cognitive disability. Imagine not being able to make an online purchase, schedule an appointment, or even do a little research. If not coded properly, a website simply may not work for all users. Broken! And if your site is broken, you’re at risk of legal action.

At AudioEye, we believe equal access is the right of every individual and the responsibility of every individual, which is why we’ve revolutionized the way businesses and organizations achieve and maintain a sustainable path to digital inclusion. We fix barriers and optimize access with our AudioEye Managed solution. We have patented technology that removes billions of issues every day, coupled with a team of subject matter experts who manually test and remediate your site. And we’re always on so you’re never out of compliance.

What does this mean for you? You’ve significantly mitigated your legal risk, but most importantly, you’ve joined a growing list of leading companies who believe digital inclusion for all is just the right thing to do!