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What is Web Accessibility?

Web Accessibility is the “ramps and rails” for barrier-free access to the digital world.

Millions of reasons to be accessible, usable, and inclusive

Digital Accessibility is the right thing to do, required, and the digital path of inclusivity.

Websites and digital content that is not designed and coded for digital accessibility are “broken” for more than 15% of the population. People relying on the use of Assistive Technologies (AT), such as screen readers, cannot access or fully consume digital content unless it has been created in conformance with the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.


15% of the global population is excluded from equal access.


Can you afford to exclude more than 41 million Americans?


Globally, more than one billion people live with a disability that can impede full access or consumption of digital content.

You wouldn’t build a physical structure without accommodations.

More people can reach your business through your website than your physical location.

Do the math. Enable access for all.

Common Misconceptions

People who are blind don’t use the Internet.

People who are blind do use the Internet. Using Assistive Technologies (AT), such as screen readers, they go online for the same reasons as people with sight. As do many people with a range of disabilities.

Learn more and rethink your idea of “disability”

People with disabilities is a very small population.

It is a population of more than one billion people worldwide and 41+ million in the U.S., which, when extended to account for friends and family, controls over $4 trillion in disposable income.

Learn more and rethink your idea of “disability”

I will have to rebuild my site to make it accessible.

Rebuilding your website is not necessary. AudioEye leverages technology to achieve sustainable accessibility on existing websites — for nearly 1,000 customers.

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The AudioEye Approach

AudioEye leverages technology, subject matter expertise, and proprietary processes to help our clients achieve sustainable accessibility in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our approach ensures speed-to-compliance, ongoing conformance, and a public statement of your efforts.


AudioEye immediately impacts the state of our clients’ compliance with ADA-related digital accessibility requirements.

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Our patented technology is aligned to automatically detect WCAG 2.0 Level AA and Section 508 Success Criteria.

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AudioEye Trusted Certification illustrates to the world your company is continually striving to achieve and maintain compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make an educated decision.
Get the facts.

Rethink Disability

More than 1 billion people live with a range of disabilities — it is bigger than you think.

Learn what “disability” means

ADA-Related Regulation

Understand your responsibilities under the ADA and related regulations.

Key laws and regulations

What is “way-cag”?

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 are globally accepted.

The basics of WCAG 2.1

Accessibility Resources

Like our services, our resources are designed to make accessibility simple — accessible.

Find information relevant to your industry

The Legal Landscape

Understanding the legal landscape is key to effective risk mitigation.

Legal updates and 3rd party resources

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, AudioEye has answers.

Accessibility FAQs

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Our team is composed of Subject Matter Experts (SME), technologists, and professionals passionate about and dedicated to accessibility. We make accessibility accessible. Let us show you how.