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How does the AudioEye Toolbar interact with Assistive Technology (AT)?

AT perceives the AudioEye Toolbar as an element of the website, which may be engaged or ignored.

Separate from the AudioEye Toolbar, AudioEye’s Remediation Technology makes websites accessible. By its nature, an accessible site interacts seamlessly with AT allowing the user to fully engage and interact with the site, without barriers that may limit or impede full access.

AT is dependent on the specific needs of the user. For example, when a blind user accesses an accessible website using their screen reader, their AT will provide the content audibly and they will have full control over the user experience using their keyboard. As another example, if the person is low vision, their AT will magnify the site as long as the website has been made accessible.

If you are accessing an AudioEye-enabled website using AT, the website has been optimized (or is in the process of being optimized), to ensure full access and usability. In any case, an AT user can engage the AudioEye Toolbar through their AT, however, it would not be necessary.

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