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Get up to speed on web accessibility compliance

Take the first step toward accessibility and compliance

Get a free scan of any URL to identify accessibility issues that could be putting your business at risk.

Benefits of an Accessible, Conformant Website

Following accessibility laws and recommendations ensure a safe, effective user experience for all — and protects you from liability.

  • Avoid accessibility lawsuits: Conformance with WCAG guidelines ensures your site is accessible for all, minimizing the chance of potential legal action.
  • Boost your brand perception: An accessible website allows people to interact with your brand more positively, boosting customer engagement and loyalty, and brand perception.
  • Make your website inclusive: Accessibility laws and recommendations are designed to create a more inclusive website for all — regardless of their ability.

Take the first step toward accessibility and compliance.

Get a free scan of any URL to identify accessibility issues that could be putting your business at risk.

How It Works

Your website’s accessibility, at a glance

The Website Accessibility Checker is powered by AudioEye’s issue detection technology, which identifies and remediates over 1.3 billion a11y accessibility issues every day for our customers.

Website accessibility scanner input

Step 1: Enter your website URL

AudioEye’s issue detection technology will scan your page for over 70 common accessibility issues, including poor color contrast, missing alt text, lack of support for assistive technologies, and more

Why AudioEye

Find more accessibility issues with AudioEye

The Website Accessibility Checker runs 400+ accessibility tests on your website — more than any other site scanner. We’re also able to find accessibility issues such as low color contrast, poor functionality or usability, poor user experience, and missing alt text. Resolving these issues enables you to deliver a more inclusive user experience that ensures equal access for all.

  • Get started in seconds

    It only takes a few clicks to get a detailed web accessibility report of your site's issues.

  • Discover the biggest barriers

    Get a breakdown of the most impactful accessibility issues on your site.

  • Scan multiple pages

    Accessibility evaluation tools scan your most important web pages to be scanned — including multiple URLs.

  • Share key insights

    Get an easy-to-share report of key findings from your scan.


Get a complete picture of your site’s accessibility

From AI-based automation testing to certified accessibility experts and legal support, AudioEye offers everything you need to meet the latest accessibility standards — with as much support as you want.

AudioEye's dashboard with features like accessibility issues fixed by severity highlighted
  • Powerful Automation

    Instantly fix thousands of accessibility issues, ensuring your users have a great experience.

  • Expert Testing

    Uncover more issues with expert testing and audits from certified accessibility experts.

  • Legal Support

    Our team of legal experts will help you analyze and respond to legal claims.

AudioEye customers saw a 67% reduction in valid lawsuits

AudioEye customers saw a reduction in valid lawsuit claims when using AudioEye’s full suite of robust accessibility testing tools and Expert Audits compared to other industry solutions.

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