Website Accessibility Checker

How the Website Accessibility Checker Works

If you already tried the Website Accessibility Checker, great job. You’ve taken the first step to becoming compliant with accessibility laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) — and providing digital experiences that everyone can enjoy.

The Website Accessibility Checker scans your website for accessibility issues (like missing image alt text and poor color contrast) that can be barriers for people with disabilities — and put your business at risk of accessibility-related legal complaints. 

Your Website’s Accessibility at a Glance

Once you enter the URL of a page you want to test, AudioEye’s issue detection technology scans it for over 70 common accessibility issues.

In seconds, you’ll gain visibility into common accessibility issues on your page. You’ll also receive an Accessibility Compliance Score: a snapshot of your page’s overall accessibility the moment it was scanned.

How Is My Accessibility Score Calculated?

The AudioEye Accessibility Score is designed to give businesses an easier way to monitor their website’s accessibility. 

Once you enter a page URL, we run it through 400+ automated tests – more than any site scanner. These tests determine if your content fails to meet the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) — the de facto international standard for digital accessibility. 

Instead of sharing tedious reports on the results of each test, we simplify everything into an easy-to-understand score between 1 and 100. The higher your score, the more accessible your page.

The Website Accessibility Checker is Powered by AudioEye

The Website Accessibility Checker is powered by AudioEye’s issue detection technology, which identifies and remediates over one billion accessibility errors every day. 

Our technology is the most comprehensive in the industry, finding about 70% of common accessibility issues. Over 76,000 leading brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and WebMD, use AudioEye to help them deliver accessible experiences.

You Tested Your Website. Now What?

By using the Website Accessibility Checker, you learned how accessible one of your pages was at a moment in time. Now, automatically fix accessibility issues across your entire website, every time someone visits – and put in place a plan for ADA compliance – with AudioEye.

AudioEye easily integrates with your content management system and automatically detects and fixes accessibility issues across your website, all visible from your dashboard

With our hybrid approach, AudioEye’s manual testing and remediation addresses the 30% of accessibility errors that cannot be detected by modern technology alone.

Website Accessibility Checker

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Find out if your site is accessible for people with disabilities and meets the ADA,WCAG, and other requirements.

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