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Business’s Next Frontier: People With Disabilities


Posted July 31, 2015

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From Forbes– For years organizations seeking a competitive advantage have embraced diversity; but today the leading enterprises have found a new source of growth–people with disabilities. The global market represents 1.3 billion people and their 2.3 billion family members, friends, caregivers and colleagues; aggregately people with disabilities account for an astounding $8 trillion dollars in disposable income.

What You Need to Know

  • Our research has proven that acting on disability grows shareholder value. This market is large enough to stand on its merits – about the size of China.
  • Hiring and engaging people with disabilities isn’t about being nice, or being charitable. It’s smart business that can positively impact your bottom line and your talent needs from the mailroom to the boardroom.


From Forbes

Robert Reiss

July 30 2015

Business leaders have also found that people with disabilities build a more authentic, loyal and creative culture. People with disabilities also represent an almost untapped talent pool who bring a wide range of education, experience, expertise and perspective to the workforce. Updated federal regulations are pushing employers to actively include this talented section of the workforce in their ranks, but savvy employers are getting ahead of the curve.

As I became more aware of the economic, employment and societal impact of people with disabilities – roughly 20% of our country’s population – I asked business leaders and disability experts about this emerging and growing market and the positive impact for business.

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