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100 days at AudioEye: One Month Check-In

Technology, as viewed through the lens of my new colleagues at AudioEye, is limitless. This mindset has been the most consistent theme across my first few weeks on the team. It rings true as I continually learn more about the company, and is an essential belief held by everyone at AudioEye. As I complete my first full month, I find myself thinking about the company culture that has formed due to this very mindset. 

Let’s start with this: not all heroes wear capes. I may be going out on a limb by calling AudioEye’s endeavors heroic, but, in my opinion, they are certainly worthy of this praise. I also may have become a bit biased after a month, but who’s to say? 

In the world of website accessibility, there isn’t a problem that AudioEye shies away from. From PDF accessibility and sophisticated remediation and monitoring solutions to advanced automated testing, AudioEye thrives on a technology-first approach that requires innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit at every turn. 

Each customer project and partnership that AudioEye develops is formed into a very committed relationship. Each one is unique with circumstantial needs, and AudioEye treats each connection with a level of attention that is required to ensure success. I’ve yet to hear the words “We can’t do that” or “Our technology doesn’t allow for that.” Instead, I often hear, “We will make that work” or “We will enhance our technology and find a solution.” The coolest part about hearing those types of responses is that it creates a team culture. It enables each member of our team to think without restrictions, company-wide, from our developers to executive leadership. Each member of the AudioEye team is empowered to express new ideas and solutions to better the team and to advance our goals for maximizing website accessibility, usability, and inclusion. 

This limitless environment has contributed to making AudioEye a true technology leader. This derives from swimming in uncharted territory… there isn’t a step-by-step process. There isn’t a finish line or a user manual, there’s only progression and development. Essentially, that’s what the technology world is all about – innovation. Identify a problem and solve it. 

Today, advancements in technology are constant and unyielding. As a society, we are dreaming big and creating even bigger. Inevitably, as we solve more problems, new ones are created. Unfortunately, and historically, this contradiction tends to be unavoidable. It is inevitable for technological advancement to trigger “side effects”. Amongst many, I think one of the “side effects” from our world shifting from brick & mortar towards digital web interfaces is the lack of consideration for the needs of individuals with diverse abilities. When considering such vast issues like digital inclusion and ensuring equal access for all, how are we supposed to go about fixing the problem? 

At AudioEye, our group of passionate, forward-thinking leaders look to technology for the answer. As our Vice President of Sales, Dan Sullivan, reminds us in his article, Accessibility 2.0 – A Technology First Approach, “Some technologists, like AudioEye, have taken an unfiltered look at this topic of accessibility and realized that if this problem was the making of technology, why couldn’t technology be the solution to the problem, itself, created?”. 

As I finish up my first month at AudioEye, I am energized by the limitless entrepreneurial spirit that fuels our team. I look forward to learning more about our technical capabilities, our roadmap, and how we will assist our customers in new ways as we look to help them solve all issues of accessibility.

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