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Inclusive Design

You Built My Website, Why Isn’t It Accessible?

You’ve gone through the process of finding the right Content Management System (CMS) provider to build your website. Then came the laborious process of design. Your marketing team filtered through hundreds, maybe thousands, of images, lost sleep over tag lines, syntax and verbiage and changed the launch date of your site at least five times, but finally your site is live. Chances are, you’ve all but forgotten about the website, except for checking in on it here and there.

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Universal Design

What is Universal Design? Universal Design is the design of products and environments that are accessible, understandable, and usable to all without specialized modifications or adaptations. Universal design is not the design for one person or a group of people, it is inclusive design. Universal design does not just benefit the individual but benefits society […]

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Insight into the Importance of Designing for Different Life Stages

Aging populations represent an ever-growing demographic and it is critical that web designers take into account the unique abilities of all end users. What You Need to Know By 2030 around 19% of people in the US will be over 65 By following some simple principles, you can create more inclusive products that work better […]

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Accessibility is a Business Advantage

In the US, 22% of adults have a disability.[2] Remember that for someone with an accessibility issue, if your app isn’t easy to use then they will never use it. You’ve lost a customer and a potential advocate for your product. Designing with this in mind is not only a strong business decision, but also […]

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Microsoft’s Radical Bet On A New Type Of Design Thinking

From – Disability is an engine of innovation simply because no matter what their limitations, humans have such a relentless drive to communicate that they’ll invent new ways to do so, in spite of everything. What You Need to Know By designing with the disabled in mind, we can create products that are better […]

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Designing for Accessibility

BBC guidelines provide insight into accessibility thinking and how (and why) to design usable experiences for everyone. What You Need to Know Of the UK population, 18% is impaired in some way (mostly age related) and about one third is temporarily impaired due to illness, injury or circumstance. On any day, that could include you […]

Topics: Inclusive Design