Here is the remarkable presentation that everyone is talking about from WWDC 2016

Haben Girma

Image © Twitter @HabenGirma

Have you met Haben Girma? “White House Champion of Change, Forbes 30 under 30 leader, and BBC Women of Africa Hero, Haben Girma is an acclaimed accessibility and inclusion advocate. The first deaf blind person to graduate from Harvard Law School, Haben champions equal access to information for people with disabilities, earning her recognition from both President Obama and President Clinton. [In her presentation], Haben share[s] how designing with accessibility in mind benefits not just users with disabilities, but”… Watch the Presentation from Haben Girma (YouTube)

Here are some of the many inspiring takeaways from Haben Girma’s Presentation, Disability & Innovation: The Universal Benefits of Accessible Design, by Haben Girma @ WWDC 2016

“Knowledge gained through touch, is equal in value to knowledged gained through site, sound, or other means. Our world is incredibly diverse… when we design, let celeberate that diversity and recognize that diversity. We all benefit.

“Communities that celebrate diversity, will find ways to be inclusive… they’ll adapt strategies to ensure everyone can participate and be involved.”

If you haven never seen a demonstration of Apple’s VoiceOver Screen Reading Solution on iOS, Girma provides a brief walkthrough starting at the 11:18 mark.

Throughout her presentation, Girma highlights the compelling business case for Accessibility, here are some of our favorite remarks:

“Accessibility benefits your consumers, but it also benefits you… People with disabilities is largest minority group… 20% of Americans have a disability… When you design with AIM, you get access to more customers… more people can benefit from your services… Accessibility increases access for everyone, include non-disabled users… When you provide alt text, more text is associated with your content… making it is easier for people to find your content through powerful keyword searches… Disability drives innovation… when you think about new ways to access information, finding new ways for people to connect and engage with each other, you’ll be designing the next best thing.”

“Solutions developed with disability in mind, end up benefiting the entire community.”

From all of us at AudioEye, a big, humongous THANK YOU, Haben Girma, for being such a vocal advocate for individuals with disabilities. You inspire us all!

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