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What is AudioEye Managed Service?

Our comprehensive AudioEye Managed is the most cost-effective and sustainable path to web accessibility compliance. We start by identifying your risks and errors, end with compliance certification, and manage all the work in between.

Activation & Discovery

The path to compliance begins by embedding a simple Javascript in your universal footer. From there, our team and technology take over, immediately evaluating your site and identifying barriers to accessibility. Automation fixes many of them within minutes. No need to access your source code or change your design.

Remediation & Testing

Our javascript allows our accessibility engineers to deliver custom, manual fixes. We utilize our proprietary auditing tool and start with the errors on the pages your visitors use most. And to 100% validate our work, our accessibility experts step in to test and re-test, utilizing their own assistive technologies. We put ourselves in the shoes of your end users to certify your content is accessible for people of all abilities. 

Ongoing Monitoring

Where others leave off, we’re just beginning. Our solution continuously monitors your site, flagging barriers in real time, and fixing them to ensure that any new content is equally accessible. Further, our accessibility Help Desk is available 24/7 for end-users to report any issues they experience in accessing your digital content.

AudioEye Trusted Certification

From day one of implementing AudioEye Managed, AudioEye certifies that your organization is making an ongoing commitment to maintaining digital assets that are accessible to users of all abilities. We provide you with a public-facing accessibility statement demonstrating this commitment and describing your sustainable efforts to foster inclusion. No other company stands behind its solution like we do.

AudioEye Toolbar

With AudioEye Managed, sites also receive our AudioEye Toolbar. The AudioEye Toolbar is the most inclusive web personalization tool available, providing end users a fully customizable experience they can tailor to their individual needs. For example, change a site’s color contrast. Utilize a dyslexic font. Create more space between words and letters. The AudioEye Toolbar provides assistive options available free for all your end users.

Man in Blue 

The internationally recognized accessibility icon, “The Man In Blue,” marks the entrance to the AudioEye Toolbar on client sites. Click on the icon on the bottom right corner of this page to navigate the toolbar, or watch our Man in Blue video to see our usability tools in action.   

The AudioEye Toolbar includes:

  • Help Desk: a means by which end users can submit to AudioEye any accessibility or usability-related issues on the site.
  • Visual Toolkit: enabling end users to easily customize the visual display of the page based on their preferences to more effectively read and consume information. Users can do things like adjust the font to their liking or adjust the color contrast.  
  • Voice: An industry first, the AudioEye Toolbar also features AudioEye Voice, allowing end users to navigate a website experience using verbal commands. Voice ensures users can not only navigate pages but also dictate to fill out web forms and simplify click-heavy operations. 
  • Player: enabling end users to listen to the content of a web page read aloud. That user can interact using their keyboard (instead of a mouse).
  • AudioEye Trusted Certification: our Certification lives in the AudioEye Toolbar and illustrates a commitment to accessibility and the work being done to ensure full compliance.
  • Site Menu: simplifies and optimizes the site menu for keyboard users and individuals with cognitive disabilities.
  • Page Elements: provides keyboard and novice screen reader users options to quickly navigate focus to different areas of the webpage.
  • Settings: allows users to customize settings to meet their individual preferences, for example, letter spacing, word spacing, line height and more.