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Your self-service kiosk is 48 inches off the ground, within reach for someone in a wheelchair. It’s accessible, right? Not so fast.

What about…

somone who is blind trying to navigate? Or someone color blind? Someone with low vision or declining vision? Ensuring your self-service kiosk is accessible to people of all abilities requires more than just its height placement.

That’s why AudioEye has revolutionized the way in which businesses and organizations achieve and sustain digital accessibility, no matter what the device, no matter what the location.

Our always-on Managed service solution for Kiosks includes patented technology coupled with a team of experts. We identify and remediate issues of digital accessibility, enabling users of all abilities to navigate your information without barriers. Simply put, our service ensures you seamlessly communicate to anyone … anywhere.

Self-service. Solved.

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Want to hear more about our kiosk accessibility solution?

Want to hear more about our kiosk accessibility solution?

Our CTO and VP of Development speak with in this podcast:
“A Transformative Experience For Kiosk Access With AudioEye Opens a New Window.”

The number of ADA-related web accessibility lawsuits is on the rise

with no sign of slowing. Not sure how to navigate the legal landscape of accessibility? Start with us by navigating our Compliance Overview.

Our solution is fast, effective and sustainable.

Read more about how we resolve web accessibility issues and enhance usability for all site visitors.