WordPress Accessibility & ADA Compliance Solutions

Certify your WordPress website ADA / WCAG accessibility with the official AudioEye Web Accessibility plugin for WordPress. AudioEye makes accessibility easy on the most popular online publishing platform.

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Accessibility on WordPress


Reduce your risk of costly, time-consuming lawsuit with an ADA / WCAG compliant WordPress website.


Boost your SEO and stand out among your competitors with more accessible online content.


Broaden your consumer base to the 61 million US adults living with a disability.

Certified ADA / WCAG Compliance on WordPress

Certify your WordPress website accessibility with AudioEye's Wordpress Plugin. AudioEye is the industry's only hybrid digital accessibility solution that couples the power of AI/machine learning with a team of certified digital accessibility experts. Your WordPress site is ADA / WCAG compliant and you’re protected on day one with the AudioEye Trusted Certification.

Step 1

AudioEye Portal Dashboard

Step 1

First, sign into your AudioEye account or quickly create an account with a free trial. Simply give us your name, email, and URL, pick your AudioEye plan and be on the lookout for an email in your inbox to activate your account.

Step 3

ADA Compliant Website

Step 3

Once AudioEye is active on your WordPress website, AudioEye will automatically find and fix the most common errors on your site for you. Our AI-powered remediations and basic STAR plan certify your WordPress website’s ongoing ADA / WCAG compliance.

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