Making accessibility accessible.

Removing barriers to access & compliance.

We believe equal access to digital content is the right of every individual and the responsibility of every entity.

Our suite of products and services are designed to enable equal access, enhance the user experience for all, and provide sustainable, results-driven accessibility solutions for any enterprise with an online presence.

Founded as an R&D company in 2005, today AudioEye is the most trusted digital accessibility solution available.

We make accessibility accessible.

AudioEye by the numbers

The most important number we count is the more than 1 billion individuals with a range of disabilities that deserve equal access to digital content.

1 Billion+ remediations
published daily

Thousands of URLs
remediated and monitored

More than 4,600 customers

80+ Team Members

35+ IAAP Certifications

7 Patents Issued
1 Patents Pending

AudioEye is trusted by:

We Value People First.

Unwavering in our pursuit to lead industries towards a more inclusive digital world, we take risks and go beyond the norm, challenging the status quo for greater advancement of technology, thought leadership, and accessibility.

We are committed to leaving a lasting impact for future generations, and doing everything within our power to level the playing field for all people.

People First

We believe that focusing on people first cultivates intellect, inspires innovation, and fosters success. Our passion for people builds a culture of trust and dedication that enriches lives.

Relentless Empathy

We make a deliberate effort to appreciate people. Every day we turn that insight into action — improving the user experience of digital products, the customer experience of our partners, and the work experience of our team.

Inclusive Design

We like to think big and encourage our clients to do the same. We recognize human diversity as our greatest asset, and build solutions that are inclusive of the needs of all people, with a special emphasis on accessibility.

Lasting Impact

Legacy is measured by outcomes that result from hard work, thoughtful application, and commitment to a cause. So we are intentional about performance, overcoming short-term obstacles without ever losing sight of the future we seek to create.

Inspired Problem Solving

We celebrate fresh, agile thinking that opens doors to a world of possibilities. We encourage our team members to take risks, try new solutions, and challenge the status quo — it’s at the very core of everything we do.

Pervasive Leadership

We take risks and hoist our flag to lead the market towards a more usable digital world, and we will never cease in that effort. It is this commitment that will leave a lasting impact for our future generations, regardless of circumstance.

Our team puts accessibility within reach.

Dr. Carr Bettis
Executive Chairman

Sean Bradley
Co-founder, President, Chief Strategy Officer

Sach Barot
Chief Financial Officer

Mark Baker
Chief Technical Officer

Lonny Sternberg
Chief Operating Officer

Board of Directors

Dr. Carr Bettis
Executive Chairman

Tony Coelho
Independent Director

E.W. (Sandy) Purcell
Independent Director

Alex Zyngier
Independent Director

David Moradi

Jamil Tahir
Independent Director

We take accessibility to heart.

Achievable answers to compliance.