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See Why Protects Its Network of 12,000 Sites with Help from AudioEye

Posted September 08, 2021


Posted September 08, 2021

Auto dealership website that's accessible with AudioEye and
Auto dealership website that's accessible with AudioEye and

AudioEye Partner Network member explains why they trust AudioEye to improve accessibility for its more than 12,000 websites.

AudioEye Partner Network member released a short video about its partnership with AudioEye.

To see why—the automotive retail industry’s only end-to-end digital storefront and marketing services solution—believes investing in digital accessibility is the right thing to do and get their reason for trusting AudioEye with the accessibility needs, press “play” on the video below.

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Additional Resources

If you’d like to learn more about the topic of digital accessibility, including the obligations you have as a business/website owner to provide an accessible experience, please take a look at the AudioEye content below.

  • In the video above,’s Jeffrey Pierce briefly mentions “toolbar companies." If you'd like to know more about this kind of accessibility solution, including the things such solutions can and cannot do, you should read the Why Accessibility Plugins Aren't Enough for ADA Compliance blog post.
  • Whether you've realized it's time for your organization to seek its first digital accessibility solution or you want to do some shopping around because your current vendor isn't quite meeting your needs, you'll find some tips and directions on finding what you need with our How to Choose a Digital Accessibility Solution blog post.
  • Did you know that there’s an SEO benefit to making sure your sites are accessible to people with disabilities? Discover how investing in accessibility can improve your search rankings on the Why SEO & Accessibility Go Hand-in-Hand blog post.
  • Investing in AudioEye helps, which has a network of more than 12,000 e-commerce sites, mitigate its legal risk. If you’re wondering whether your site has a legal obligation to be accessible to people with disabilities, you’ll want to check out our Does My Website Have to Be ADA Compliant? blog post.

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