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Accessibility Advantages

Accessibility Advantages

With minimal effort, you could potentially expand your audience to include more than 25% of Americans with disabilities.

By adding a simple snippet of code to your site, you enable the most advanced accessibility platform, providing round-the-clock monitoring, automated fixes to the most common accessibility errors, and support from our team of IAAP-certified accessibility professionals.

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Day 1 Protection

Day 1 Protection

AudioEye’s Accessibility Platform provides immediate AODA compliance. Activate our Live Monitoring, enable our AI-driven fixes and allow your users to access our Usability Toolbar just by installing a simple snippet of code.

Instant Access

Instant Access

Our technology works in real-time, monitoring your site for issues with each visit, applying fixes on-the-fly and providing an improved experience for your site’s visitors. From fixing common errors to allowing visitors to activate visual controls via our Usability Toolbar, your users will thank you.

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Did you know?

The benefits of AudioEye go beyond compliance

Expand your audience

The CDC estimates that 25% of Americans have disabilities

Improve your SEO

Improved Accessibility is shown to improve your organic search rankings

Build your brand

Show the world and your customers that inclusivity matters

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AudioEye is a true tech leader. Their tools are powerful and go beyond accessibility to usability, so every visitor can customize their experience.”

Dustin Laun

FCC contractor, Technology Advisor, CEO at Mobotour

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